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Honey is truly as sweet as her name suggests. Abandoned in a cemetery to fend for herself, she was found there with another dog who sadly did not make it. Before Honey could be harmed and suffer the same fate as the other dog, the volunteer scooped her up and took her with her. Unfortunately after developing uveitis, Honey became partially blind. Uveitis is a painful inflammatory eye condition that can harm a dog's vision. As if all this was not enough, she also was later diagnosed with meningitis and could not walk as a result. After being treated for both conditions, Honey has made an amazing recovery and can now happily walk, run and play again! Even although her sight is still impaired, she can see a little and it doesn't slow her down one bit nor does it impact how joyful she is! She knows she has a second chance and this survivor girl is grabbing it with all four paws! While she is receiving eye therapy and we are working with an eye specialist to see (excuse the pun) if we can restore more of her vision, there is no reason why Honey can't be considered for adoption - she is ready to find her loving people! Honey would do best in a home that is nurturing and can build her confidence with loving family that engages in fun and playful exercise. This girl is ready to share her joy.

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