Flying Soon?

Flight volunteers are essential to help our adopted dogs make the journey to their new forever home. One flight volunteer can help up to six dogs! 

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Flight Volunteer Information


Yay! A forever or foster family has been found for a dog in need! But now they need an escort to get them home. Flight volunteers save lives and play a vital role in getting the dog to its new life and forever home.


You can help give a street dog a second chance at a life full of love and happiness!

It is simple and easy!


With your help, our former street dogs can start their new life! Thank you!

Step 1


Complete the application. You will be contacted within 72 hours.

Step 2


We will book and confirm the dog on your flight, organize and provide all health and travel documents required, and all costs are covered for the dogs.

Step 3


Our team will meet you at the departure airport to check-in. The dogs will be taken at the baggage check-in desk by the airline agent, along with your suitcases.

Step 4


At the destination airport, you will meet the dogs at baggage claim.  With the help of a porter, you will take the dogs through customs. A Rags2Rescued representative and the dog’s new families will meet you at arrivals!